Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some Australian Marines

Arthur Streeton, Fossil Bay, Mentone.

Conrad Martens, The Heads Port Jackson.

Ken Taber, Morning Storm, NSW.

Neil Taylor, Shadow Tide, Acrylic.

Piguenit, The League-long Roller Thundering on the Reef.


Seip Fine Art said...

All nice pieces in this post, though the top painting resonates with me - really nice handling of the paint.

Thank you and Cheers!

jeronimus said...

Hi Poly. You are not alone. Arthur Streeton is possibly Australia's best loved landscape artist. Prices for his paintings have reached over the $2million mark (that's Aussie dollars, but it's roughly the same as US dollars)

Katherine Kean said...

These are all gorgeous. Australia looks inspiring. I get the impression of miles and miles of beautiful coastline.

jeronimus said...

Hi Katherine. Quite a lot of variety in the coastline too, so it's a great place for marine artists.