Monday, May 28, 2012

Andrew Tischler

Based in Western Australia, Andrew Tischler states on his website that, like many sea and landscape painters, he finds the reference photos he takes on site don't capture the inspirational feeling of standing before the subject. He also makes use of field sketches, and refers to several photos of the scene, rather than just one. This makes it easier to pull out the essential qualities of the place.

The most spectacular part of the WA coastline is at its the southern end.


R.L. Delight said...

Beautiful. It took me a few minutes to reconcile the WA with Western Australia! I lived in Washington State (WA) and the coastline looks similar. The color of the water is different though! I appreciate the bit about his process too. I live on the N.W. Oregon coast now and have to agree, relying solely on pictures just isn't the same as being there. I consider myself fortunate.

jeronimus said...

I lived in Western Australia for several years. The water of the Indian Ocean (at least along the WA coast) has a beautiful turquoise colour, whereas the Pacific, seen from the east coast of Australia, appears much darker. No idea why it the water should look so different.