Friday, June 20, 2008

Frederick Judd Waugh - USA

Full of the Moon

"To paint the sea, you must love it,
and to love it, you must know the sea."

- Frederick Judd Waugh

The Roaring Forties, 1908

Wild Weather, ca 1930

Golden Dawn, 40 x 50

Light on the Sea, 30 x 40

At The Base Of The Cliff, 1908, 40 x 50

Evening Light, 30 x 40

Seascape, 30 x 40

The Polar Bear, 60 x 72

The Suns Rays, 25 x 30



Silver Light

Seagulls, 16 x 36

At High Tide, 20 x 24


The Channel

The Buccaneers

Unknown title

Tropic Seas

The Mystery of the Sea

29 x 36

15 x 27 inches, Gouache

Ebbing Waters

God, he was good!

Here's a link to a biographical post on Judd Waugh:

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james fletcher-lakin said...

superb artist. We have montague dawson in the U.K, but this person is outstanding!