Sunday, June 29, 2008

Geoff Hunt (Geoffrey William Hunt) 1948 -

HMS Indefatigable

HMS Pickle


Naval Broadsides said...

I think the painting of Cutty Sark is by Steven Dews and not Geoff Hunt. The handling of the sea in paint is noticeably different between the two artists. Does any one remember the English marine artist Keith Griffin?
I met him once, his ship paintings and prints were popular in the late 1970's.

Stephen Wilde said...

I knew Keith Griffin and have 4 of his watercolours and one oil painting.

Always impressed by his skills.

What prices is he fetching these dats ?

jeronimus said...

Hi Stephen.
You might try looking him up on some of the art auction sites.
Here's one I found:

Stephen Wilde said...

Thanks jeronimous. I'll keep a look out for future sales.

oil painting blog said...

so great painting, looks so tremendous! love them