Friday, June 20, 2008

(Thomas) Alexander Harrison - USA

Sunset, 1900, 150 x 75 cm

Seascape, 130 x 97 cm

The Waves, 15.5 x 39.5 inches

40 inches wide

The Wave - 39 x 118 inches

(For more of his work see the landscape blog)


Micaiah Hardison said...

Great work by this painter and others here! I love the images, keep them coming!

Micaiah Hardison
A fellow seascape painter.

jeronimus said...

Thanks Micaiah, Harrison is one of my favourite seascape painters - wonderful sense of serenity.
I will keep posting images when I can but am running out of them.
If you have a website or blog with images of your seascapes pls feel free to send a link and I'll put it on the blog.