Monday, January 14, 2013


Some marines I found on the Bonhams auction house site. I neglected to post them when the auction was current, in September last year. But better late than never.

There's a lot of white paint, contrasted with near blacks, in these works, which are all (I think) of rocky parts of East Coast of the US.

The first one is by Abraham Bogdanove, an artist born in Minsk (now in Belarus) who found the Maine Coast (particularly the rugged rocks of Monhegan Island) an endless source of inspiration.
The second is by contemporary painter Michael B Karas.
Two works by Frederick Judd Waugh follow.

Here are some beautiful nautical works from an upcoming Bonhams marine auction

Montague Dawson, Eventide.
Antonio Jacobsen, the ship County of Ediburgh stranded on a beach.
Antonio Jacobsen, The ship El Rio at sea.