Monday, March 23, 2009

Rick Amor - Australian 1948-


Fire Across the Bay

It's an interesting idea to complement the water element with fire.

Journey, 2007, 116 x 130 cm

Journey is now on display in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. A photo doesn't give much indication of what it's like standing in front of this large, highly glazed painting. It reminded me of old European paintings that have darkened with age and become deep, mysterious and like the twilight world of dreams.


This Painting Life said...

I am really pleased to hear that this painting is hanging in the state is such an emotionally stirring work of art.
I see you found some of Rick's sea paintings on the net, there are quite a few images to be found.

jeronimus said...

'Journey' seems to be a recent acquisition. I hope you didn't mind me copying the image of from your blog. In my enthusiasm I forgot to ask you.
There's an incredible amount of emotional intensity in Rick's paintings.