Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lisa Adams - Australian

Sea Study, 41 x 68 cm

Drift, 33 x 61 cm

Lisa is not specifically a marine artist; she does meticulous, enigmatic, slightly surreal landscapes.
She is represented by philip bacon galleries , Brisbane, Australia.


Mr. Kim Guthrie said...

Lisa Adams is my partner, she is happy for you to post images of her work however your information is incorrect. Could you fix this please? She is represented by Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane Australia.

thank you

Kim Guthrie

Mr. Kim Guthrie said...

Lisa has just posted a NEW BLOG with her complete painting history here:

You may find a couple more that suit your theme. Jeronimus!!??



jeronimus said...

Many thanks, Kim. I will enjoy checking out the new blog.