Sunday, June 20, 2010

Australian Painters

Rupert Bunny,1864-1947, Tritons at Play c 1890, 73 x 91 cm
Fred Leist, Sinking of the Southland
Rick Amor, born 1948, People Watching the Sea 1994, 64 x 117 cm
Penleigh Boyd, 1890-1923, The Fairy Bower, Manly, 71 x 81 cm
Neil Taylor, Early Sandstone, Acrylic

The sea is a very important part of life for many Australians, and the beach is pretty much a sacred place here. Most of the population lives on the coast and arrived by boat, across the oceans, in relatively recent times. Not surprisingly then, the country has produced some talented painters whose work is inspired by the sea and the coast.

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