Monday, October 3, 2011

William Trost Richards


The slightly pink sky, probably of early morning, sets off the emerald hues in the waves - a  color scheme the American marine painter, Trost Richards, used many times. The sky color is brought into the troughs of the waves where they reflect it.


James F. Smith said...

Love this one William!! I love the ocean. My paint miniatures and I just started painting miniatures with the ocean.

Love the color of the ocean in this painting!!

jeronimus said...

Hi James. I have done quite a lot of miniatures in the past. I can complete a miniature much quicker. All the best with your ocean painting. It is an endlessly changing subject.

Steve PP said...

Absolutely stunning! The colours are spot on, and remind me so much of the ocean on our strip of coastline.
Thanks for sharing this one,William!

Paul Corfield said...

Great to see a nice close up. Found your excellent resource for maritime oil paintings a few months ago and have followed it eagerly ever since. After studying a lot of the paintings I plucked up courage to have a go myslef and mix the sea in with my own style. I live by the sea, south coast UK and have been a landscape painter for a number of years. Seemed logical to progress onto painting the sea and I've been loving it. :-)

jeronimus said...

Thanks for commenting.
Trost Richard was American, but he did a lot of paintings of the Cornish coastline. I always feel like painting when I look at his work.

James F. Smith said...

E. Jon Robinson is my up lifter!! He has written 5 books and several videos. He does know the sea!! He was a Oregonian in USA. I was able to buy one of his demos when the cost was small.