Friday, March 2, 2012

Hermitage Museum

Works from the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg:

Ivan Aivazovsky
Kaspar Friedrich
Hendrik Sorgh (detail)
Simon de Vlieger
Rockwell Kent


Katherine Kean said...

These are beauties!

jeronimus said...

Hi Katherine.
The Hermitage is on my wish list for galleries to visit.
So many masterpieces there.
My sister did it a few years ago, and raved about it.
By the way, could I post your latest seascape painting here? With a link of course.

Katherine Kean said...

It's on my list too. I'm sure it's worth the effort of getting there.

Yes of course - but which one? Some of the ones on my blog are still works in progress. Of course that's okay too as long as it's stated as such.

jeronimus said...

Hi Katherine. I'll leave a comment under the painting on your blog.