Wednesday, August 1, 2012

People on the Beach

Elihu Veder, Greek Girls Bathing.
Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer, A Beach Stroll.
Gabriel-Charles Deneux, Les peintres de retour du Mont Saint-Michel.
Frederick A Bridgman, Seaweed Gatherers.
Thomas Cooper Gotch, The Sand Bar.

These painters have used figures to great effect in enlivening their beachscapes. Rods and pitchforks carried by the figures add diagonal linear elements. Clothing is also an opportunity to introduce some red or dark accents to contrast with the neutral coloured surf and sand.


Seip Fine Art said...

The last painting, with the wonderfully brilliant yellow and soft purple horizon is a simply gorgeous piece! The lantern breaking the horizon line is so effective! So much to learn from this piece!

jeronimus said...

Hi Polly. Yes, yellow is not an obvious color for a seascape. It's a wonderful painting.