Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winslow Homer Exhibition

Only a couple of weeks left to see an exhibition of late works by Winslow Homer, produced while he was living on the coast of Maine.
The exhibition, at the Portland Museum of Art, closes on December 30th.

For more information about the exhibition, visit the website:


Seip Fine Art said...

Winslow Homer's studio is now open to the public as well, I hope I can get myself up to Maine someday to see it, for I only live a just few hours away.

jeronimus said...

Winslow Homer is a big hero of mine, and I'd love to go and see the studio, but I'm many hours away (and that's flying, not driving time!). If I ever make another trip to the US, Maine will be on the bucket list for sure.

Bruce Trewin said...

Did you hear of the fellow in Ireland who found a Winslow Homer watercolour in the municipal dump?

He had it for years without knowing who it was by before his daughter took it in to be evaluated. After a significant body of research it was established as a Homer Winslow with full provenance and sent to auction with estimates in the high hundred thousands. Of course at that point the previous owners stepped in and claimed it. It ahd been thrown out by accident in an attic clearance most likely but they claimed theft in spite of no police report. BBC ran a show on it last year.

jeronimus said...

Hi Bruce. Thanks for the story. I hadn't heard that one. I wonder if the original owners had some kind of proof that they owned it. What a nightmare for the law to sort out! Good that the Homer was saved from becoming land fill.