Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jason Cordero

Jason Cordero is a South Australian artist whose sublime, ethereal landscapes and seascapes have won many prizes.
See more of his work at his website:


Natalie said...

amazing - they look like a photos!

jeronimus said...

Hi Nat. He also does amazing digital renderings of ancient buildings.

Robin d'Arcy Shillcock said...

G'day Sea Buff, Great blog, loved going through it and seeing so many fine paintings. I'm a 'generalist' Aussie painter living in Netherlands, inspired by the sea, and by rugged coasts (besides landscape, people & animals). You might like to have a dekko at my site: Some sea paintings but more not yet on my site (which needs updating).
A superb French marine painter is Marin-Marie, and another is Breton artist Mathurin Meheut, both deceased. They would be a good addition to your blog. You could try googling societies of marine painters. I'm member of the Dutch Soc. of marine Painters:
Best, Robin

jeronimus said...

Thanks for those suggestions and links Robin. I will definitely check them out. How did you end up in Netherlands? I am in Aus.