Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celebrating a Colour

Atlantic Rollers

A painting celebrating the colour white.
The renowned artists of the past often designed  their paintings to celebrate a single colour, repeating it throughout the entire composition, and adding only secondary hues and tones that support and complement it. White clouds, give unity and strength to the image. A bright blue sky would have detracted from the wonderful detail in the white foam. Tiny amounts of yellow in the foam bring out the blue in the waves.
It probably seems strange to chose a white painting to illustrate the use of colour, but in oil painting, white and black should always be considered colours. There is no such thing as a neutral or non-colour, every colour is altered by those around it.


hurricane said...

How can I find a print of "The flowing Tide" painted by David James 1896?

jeronimus said...

He's one of my favourites. Here's a link to a print of the painting from Amazon:

Unfortunatley it says they are out of stock but there's a link you can use to request a print, you could try that.
The image is available through Getty Images:
(might be a bit expensive though).
Otherwise, try a bit of web research to discover if the original painting is held by a museum or gallery. If so, they might have a print available in their shop.
I think and other large print companies have David James prints available. Good luck